Jup0216_3.gif (61674 octets)

16.2.2002,   19H57 local time

- Jupiter
- Ganymede (closest to Jupiter, +- 11H)
- Io (farthest, +- 4H)
- Callisto (in symmetry with Io wrt Jupiter)
- shadow of Callisto (+- 8H)
- the GRS, rather pale
- a 6th magnitude star SAO 78348 (+- 1H)

ETX90 with Philips webcam ToUCam Pro, résolution 640x480, TeleVue 2.5x Powermate

30 seconds at 1/25, 5 fps so 150 images
IRIS processing:
cration of 150 fits for r, g, b et bw
normalisation of offset
align and stack via compute_trichro1  selection of 100
unsharp mask (sigma 1.5 and coëfficient 4)
savebmp then conversion to gif with Paintshop Pro